Level-2 Certificate


I have completed the conclusion exam of Level-2 and uploaded the model history also. Past 24


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  • prabhu
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    Hi @SumitUpadhyay 


    • Make your progress to 100% by attending the missed training videos and check your certificate status.
    • Make sure you have uploaded model history and update feedback and check your certificate status.
    • If you couldn't get your certificate even after doing all, then send a mail to Anaplan support team(support@anaplan.com) stating your issue.


    ~ Sorna Raja Prabhu


  • Yash1

    you can download the certificate after completing the survey.

  • Thanks for your reply I have completed the survey and getting the below updates please let me know if you have any idea

  • Yash1

    Hi Sumit,


    I think you must have missed some part of the training. Do you want to scroll up and check if something is missed. YOu have to complete that and check again.




  • Below is the status of the Sprint-3 Exam showing in the dashboard although I have completed the exam and have the passing screen shot for my reference. 

  • Yash1

    Although you have completed the certification, there must be some training which you might no have completed or the completion tick is not selected. scroll up to all the training and see what is unticked. 

  • Thanks everyone for your help, Sprint-3 exam I had completed but it was showing me as not completed. Luckily I had exam result screen shot which I shared with support team and in turn they have change the status and closed my case and also got the certificate also