Pushing excel formula results into Anaplan using the excel plugin


What I want to accomplish is to pull down data from a module in Anaplan using the excel plugin, overwrite the Anaplan value with an excel formula, and push the result of that formula back into Anaplan.  On the initial refresh it will send the calculated value into Anaplan, but on refresh, it wipes out the formula that I entered.  Looking to see if anyone knows of a way to maintain the formula for that cell instead of having Anaplan overwrite it with the updated value on refresh.  In effect, I want only a "Send" function instead of a "Send and Refresh".



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  • MagaliP
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    Hi again,


    I have just noticed you may not have tested the "keep Excel formula" option which does exactly what you need. 




  • Yash1

    Hi @wnm106 ,


    I don think you can have both the formula and value from Anaplan in the same cell.

    What you can do is create a copy of your sheet and write the formula in that sheet and reference the original cell. So in this way you can just copy paste the value from the calculated sheet.




  • Hi Bill,


    I can confirm this is the expected behaviour with "send and refresh" because you always end up with data from Anaplan as a single source of the truth, and keeping the formula would deviate from this.


    The suggested solution of copy/paste is the only one I can think of. You could even automate with a VBA macro the copy/paste action if you want.


    Please feel free to also post your suggestion in the Idea Exchange.

  • wnm106

    @MagaliP , this is exactly what I was looking for.  Great to see that feature already available!