Anaplan API



Here i'm trying to use Anaplan API to build the integration between the Anaplan and SQL Server database. I could have used ETL tools, but I don't have any ETL tools to do this.

Can someone provide me information on how Anaplan API works with some examples? 

I was reading documentation provided by Anaplan using RESTful APIs but i'm new to this concept and not sure how it works. I'm reading and learning here. If you could provide me sample demo on my requirement, that would be very helpful.


  • DI Decision Tree.jpgHave you already had a look here?


    Also, are you set on using the API?  You do have other options.


  • The decision to use the API over other options often requires a lot more time and experience to be successful, as @schulze mentions, you have other options that are work exploring. 


    With that said, Postman is a great tool for starting to interact with various API.


    @Jason_C posted some postman examples here which are worth checking out.



    Thanks John/Jason. Yes, understand there are other best options are available apart from using API but my requirement is to use API only. 


    With help of these videos, I was able to connect Anaplan with Postman. Thanks for the help.


    Is there any samples to build integration using same API method between SQL Server and Anaplan?




  • Hello,


    for Rest API try jdbcurl to make the connection to a DB and upload the data into Anaplan as a File, this is for SQL server:

      -jdbcurl "jdbc:sqlserver://server_name:port;DatabaseName=your_db" -jdbcuser "user_db:your_db_password" -jdbcquery "SELECT column1, column2.... FROM my_table" '