How to hide summary item in dropdown list?


Hi Experts, 


I'd like to ask how to hide the category summary in lists.

The screenshot is what I'm developing now.

In this module, client set parent and child product for set selling. In this dropdown list, is it possible to hide parent category here?






  • Hi Tsuyoshi,

    If you can create a list - parent child relationship between "Planning Product Name" and "Chain accy Planning Product Name" columns, then using Dependent drop down you can control by seeing one parent (based on the Planning Product Name column selection). This way you can control seeing one Parent name displaying in the list formatted line item column.

  • Hi Sathya,


    Thanks for your advice, but Body-Product and Accy-Product has no relation between them.

    In this model, relation is made after body and accy are selected in this dashboard and execute reflect.




  • prabhu

    Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue,


    You can perform in 2 ways


    Approach 1:

    • Create another line item (Parent Line item) - list format( Parent of Chain Accy Planning Product Name)
    • Edit the Existing Line item(Chain Accy Planning Product Name), and Enable Dependent as True and select Parent Line item as Dependent.
    • Inform the Business users to select Planning Product Name then Parent Line item and Chain Accy Planning Product Name
    • In this way you can avoid parent category in drop down.


    Approach 2:

    • Create a new flat list, where it should contain all the child item of Chain Accy Planning Product Name List.
    • Create a new line item with list formatted (flat list), So that the business user can use this as a drop down.
    • In the existing line item - Chain Accy Planning Product Name, write a formula to map the flat list to Chain Accy Planning Product Name list.
    • finditem('Chain Accy Planning Product Name List', name(flat list line item)).


    Hope this may help u.



    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • The simplest way to limit the view is to create a subset of the main list.
    You will need to create a subset for each incidence in which you wish to limit options.
    This approach will allow you users to see a limited view of the same list which will ensure downstream modelling is simpler.
  • prabhu

    @ChrisAHeathcote  - I Tried using subset, but parent for the subsets are displaying in the drop down.

  • Hi Tsuyoshi,

    If you don't want to see any parent in the drop-down of the list formatted line item, kindly use flat list structure.

  • An alternative is to use selective access and only provide write access to those list items required by each user. They will only be able to see those list items allocated to them when setting them up as a user.


    When selecting which list items that are visible do not select the parent and only allow access to the child items at the hierarchy level required.

    Test this approach by limiting your own access to a selection from the list. Be mindful of NOT turning off you admin rights as you will not be able to reverse the change.