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Hi - Say I have a hierarchy with two levels: L1 and L2, L1 being the parent. Not all L2 members are at a point of time active under L1. So, we have a module that specifies which L2 member is active in a month (identified by a boolean).

For disaggregating the data from L2 to L1, I need to ensure the volume is disaggregated only on to the active L2 members (the proportion for each L2 member is an input). If I have only one active L2 member under an L1 member, the volume of L1 member is 100% allocated to the L2 member. If the number of ACTIVE L2 members is > 1, then the volume at L1 member is disaggregated by %age input for each L2 member.

I am having the challenge of how to identify the number of active L2 members. Can someone please help?


Regards - Guru


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  • prabhu
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    Hi @GuruAP 

    • Create a Line item (Count - Number Format) - Set it as 1 when the child is active else 0



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    Here i didn't create any system module, i gave you an idea of how to get the child count.


    Let me know if you need more clarity