Level 2 Model Builder Sprint 1 - credit for completion of exam


UPDATE:  I selected the checkbox for "New Attempt" and just took the test a second time - looks like that was what was needed to flag completion of the exam.


Hi -

Last night I started the Sprint 1 exam but then had to stop after answering first question (correctly).  So I exited and restarted this morning.  I completed the exam (I have attached the PDF) but I didn't get "credit" meaning the system still shows that I haven't completed the exam. 

I decided to close my browser down and do the test again (I didn't select New Attempt); I didn't print the completion for that try but same result.  I noticed that when I start to take the exam, the system seems to think that I am still on the first question since it shows 10% grade (that is the first question that I answered correctly).  See screen shot below

Should I just choose the "Start New Attempt" option and redo the test?


Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.43.01 AM.png


  • Hi David,

    Since the Number of attempts you have made is marked as 1 in the system, you have to choose "Start a new attempt" to proceed further.

  • Hi sathya,

    I am also having the similar kind of problem. understand you suggested "Start a new attempt", however want to know why the system is allowing to ENTER the exam again and allow completing the exam and also providing with the result. The exam instruction clearly says "Please complete your exam in one sitting without interruption. If that is not possible, please exit your exam before leaving your computer or switching to another task."

    In Level1 it worked like if you exit due to some reason you can come back and continue from the point you left, then why in Level2 that's not the case?. Unable to get a proper answer on this. 

  • SathyaM

    Hi @sanjit_m2020,


    Kindly send your query to support@anaplan.com ,they will help you.