Update Master data based on approved values




Can I know how to update existing master data with approved values at end of approval cycle without overriding the existing data set ?







  • Misbah



    Can you please furnish more details. What data set are we talking about here?

  • @Misbah 


    I have a customer-product list wrt that i have product price,product volume as my master data.So customer will raise a request to change product price or product volume if needed then approver will approve the changed product price and volume . How can I update master data based on approved values without changing master data.

    For Example:

    XYZ product has 90 as product price(master data)

    ABC customer changed product price of XYZ product to 100 then suppose if Approver approved that 100 then how can I update master data ie 90 with approved value 100 without override that 90

  • Misbah



    Why don't you create another line item in your Data module and store the new Information in new line item. Assuming all approvals happen outside Anaplan - Bring the values and store into new line item and write IF else statement based on the logic


    Even if the price change and approval happens within Anaplan you still need to store this updated values in new line item and write if else statements about which price should be considered for calculations.

  • wquan
    Agreed with Misbah, using another line item also provides visibility over what the original vs. altered values are as well.

    If you're doing the override within Anaplan, then use Misbah's comment of IF ELSE statements to identify what has been overriden... and if you're being fancy you can even use Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) to stop people from unapproving