How to maintain same order of "Reselect Items to Show" between multiple environment


Hi Expert, 


Please provide me with some advice and help my model building.


The situation is....


1. In Development environment, Production Data List (Custom Week, such as 2021 W01) as dimension is selected and rearranged by "Reselect Items to Show" on a dashboard.
2. This setting is imported to Production environment via ALM, then I found the order is different from what I rearranged in the Dev environment.

Is there any setting method that enables Selected item order always same as Dev environment?




  • prabhu

    Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue,


    The Purpose of Production List is - The end users can able to use the list only is production Model.


    1. When you mark a list as production in dev model, and after performing ALM sync you will only see the structure(subset and Properties ) of a list in prod model, you won't see the list items in Prod model.


    2. If a list is a non production list, then the order what you have mentioned while doing "Re Select items to show" won't get changed, because for a non production list both structure and list items get sync to prod model.


    3. So, for a production list, you have to do "Re-select items to show" in prod model.


    Read this article to learn about the production list

    Production list  :

  • Hi Prabhu,


    thanks for your kind comment,

    I tried "Reselect items to show"...but where is "Save as Master View"?




  • Hi Prabhu,


    This is additional information. but PRD environment is marked as "Offline".






  • prabhu

    Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue,


    I am sorry, Yes we can't publish our new saved view in a dashboard in a Production Model.


    Instead you can create a new module in dev environment, only for filtering or selecting purpose.


    Create a new module with your production list as dimension and a line item - filter(Boolean Format)


    Apply this Filter in your existing module which has production list as dimension.


    then create a revision tag and do sync.






    So instead of creating a saved view, you can use this filter for selecting purpose .

    Boolean occupies less space (1 Byte per cell)


  • prabhu

    Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue,


    I have an another approach


    In Dev environment.

    In our existing Module (production list as dimension) create a line item - sort (number format)

    Click the sort icon, which is next to Filter icon and select sort the values from lowest to highest.

    Click Filter icon and set a condition = sort line item is not equal to 0.

    Create a saved view by hiding the sort line item.

    Verify that both sort and filter are enabled in your saved view.

    Publish the saved view in your dashboard.


    Do the sync to Prod model.


    In prod model 


    Open the module and enter the values for sort line item, the order in which you want to see.


    refresh the dashboard






    Hope this helps.