Workflow Approvals : Integrate Anaplan with Microsoft Power Automate


Hi Community,

Have you guys have any experience integrating Anaplan with Microsoft Power Automate for Workflow Approvals.

We have a requirement to request  single/multilayer Approvals and I see Power Automate as the cost-effective solution until Anaplan builds the new workflow solution 


Power Automate has its own connector to import the data from Anaplan and trigger workflow process  and export back the approval notifications into Anaplan 


Appreciate any guidance on creating new custom connector for Anaplan in Power Automate 





  • I really like this question @rrarkala because I am constantly integrating Anaplan to something, even applications that don't have a native connector.

    Now, as you know, Anaplan doesn't have a connector for MPA but what I've learned is to rely on the Anaplan API set, usually V1.3 with a CA certificate to "automate" the workflow.

    You need a good scheduler though, I will admit.

    Typically, I will create a workflow dashboard in Anaplan that monitors the Booleans as each task gets completed. This means a lot of imports and exports and module to module imports.

    Every now and then, my workflow will get messed up because I lose an internet connection or something. In that case I also have a timer set to check on the workflow status. If it gets hung up, I have an email sent.

    If you have a specific use-case for MPA I'd love to hear it. Maybe we can put our heads together and build something out.

    Also, check out @MagaliP new webpage for all things "add-ins". There might be some clever use cases there for you. To be honest, most of my development starts with these add-ins.

  • Hi Jared,
    Thanks for the reply!!, I would DM next week for more guidance on using Workflow qith MPA