Import Issues with date and time format in CSV

Hi everyone, I am trying to import data from CSV file. However, whenever I try to modify the data and save the file with CSV format the Date and time format in CSV automatically changed to its original format. Our Anaplan models cannot recognize the original CSV format, so I have to re-input it.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem without re-inputting the date format?


Thank you.



  • @Ha Linh 


    It is possible to customise the time mapping in Anaplan import actions.This way you do not have to edit the csv file each time.


    If importing into a module lookout for this option:



    And if importing into a list, lookout for this option



    Check that box and edit the mapping to suit your requirement




    Let me know if you need more help





  • @anirudh Thank you very much!!!