Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Test Dashboard for Product Family Managers



The following were assigned to the Product Family Managers:


1)  At the dashboard, where the Used Modules were stated

2)  The lists defined in the dashboards




In testing the Dashboard as Product Family Managers, I encountered following screen.  The months for second grid is missing and the chart as well.  

There is no Selective Access applied.  Is there anywhere else that needs investigating?

If DEM01 module's uses DAT01 and SYS01 in it's formula, do DAT01 and SYS01 need to be assigned to Product Family Managers too?







  • Hi @Star,


    Please find below the screenshots.  Hope this is helpful.

    Settings --> Users



    Settings-->Users--> Roles --> Lists.





  • Is there a filter on time for the second view? If the modules are just referenced in the formulas, the Product Family Manager does not need to have access to them. If there is a module being used as a FILTER, the role needs access to that module to have access to the filter being applied. If the chart is using the second module, the chart should be fixed once the security on that second module is working correctly.

  • Star

    Yes, the filter was the culprit. It was applied to the Saved As view. I assigned the filter module to the role and it worked. Thank you very much 🙂