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I am trying to create a process for export on a dashboard, facing few challenges in the data.


1. I created a saved view in a module where time is a dimension (time in Months)

2. Build an export action to run the export where Time is a selector and saved that export action and created a process from that and published to the dashboard

3. End user will be extracting Monthly data from that dashboard through the process. User will select the month from the selector on dashboard and accordingly the data will be refreshed, and if all looks good, user will run the process and have the data in excel.



When I created the export action from the saved view, lets say the time was selected as Jan'19. and completed other part of creating the process and publishing it to the dashboard. Now if I go to the dashboard and select March'19 and click the process the file again gets export for the month of Jan'19 and not for March'19. while the saved view is in sync and displays March'19. Where do I miss that the action gets in sync with saved view and should give the data per the month selected by the user.





  • Misbah



    You need to control it thru filter.


    Step 1 - Create a module (Module A) and Insert one line item - Filter. This will be Time Formatted Line item

    Step 2 - In your Saved View Create a Boolean Check Line item which will check what selection has been made in Step 1. Write the formula in Boolean Check Line item => Module A. Filter = ITEM(Time)

    Step 3 - Apply this filter in the saved view and override your current saved view

    Step 4 - Publish Module A on to the dashboard. You can also publish your saved view as well


    Note: Users will have to refresh the dashboard once they make the selection in the pick lists before they hit the export.

  • @Misbah  But in that case I need to publish that line item from Module A to the dashboard for the User to select. While there is another table already present in the dashboard which is with Time dimension and user looks to the data in that table and then exports. In your approach the user will first select the Time from dimension and then over look the data and then select the time again in that line item and then exports. Which will be a length process for user to do multiple selections. 

  • Misbah



    Well you may want to bring/repivot time to your columns so that they don't have to make selections twice - one to see the data and another to pull the data. But as per me you will have to apply filters in order for you to get this working as per your requirement


    Here is the screenshot of how it should look like



    Hope it helps



  • I might need to add a refresh button as well to get the below table updated and then process the export action. But the solution helps, will check if have two buttons help, one to refresh and other to export.

  • Misbah



    I would recommend using the native Refresh button and educate your users accordingly. It is not considered to be the best practice to have a Refresh button created on the dashboard.