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Hi Community,


We're stuck on a formula and not sure if it is remotely possible in the first place. 


Can a Boolean be TRUE for the Parent but FALSE for all the children?


To give some background: 


In a Planning model on Dynamic Time (lists, not native time) we have Week - Day hierarchy. 


On the dashboard there's a 52 Weeks input Boolean to select which weeks you want to see in Days.


When the Week is selected, a Boolean on the Day format looks up the value of the Parent and will then be TRUE for all the children. Showing all the days in the selected weeks. 


The requirement has changed however that they want this functionality, but for the Weeks that are not selected the Week should still be shown but not in Days, thus the parent.


Hope this is explained well enough.


Thanks to the brave for taking a jab at this!



  • prabhu

    Hi @HendrikDeCuyper ,


    You can use NOT function



    Formula is = NOT WEEKVALUE(Module AA.Check) 










    Let me know if it address your problem.

  • Hi,


    Thank you for trying! Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. 


    I'm aware of the NOT function, the result should be that the value for the Parent (Week) is TRUE and for the Children for that Week (Days) is FALSE.


    Hope somebody can help.

  • prabhu

    @HendrikDeCuyper  - In my previous post,

    • i set parent week (Week 1 FY20) as True
    • in my result module(Module BB), child(1,2, 3 Jan 20) for Week 1 FY20 are all False


    Your Previous Post -

    "I'm aware of the NOT function, the result should be that the value for the Parent (Week) is TRUE and for the Children for that Week (Days) is FALSE."


    I didn't understand what you mean, Can you give some example.



  • I'm not very clear on what you want, especially what you mean by a week to be selected.


    However, it is possible to have a different value, and formula, for the parent / child.

    First, you have to change the summary type to formula (which means you cannot have a LOOKUP in that formula).

    Then you need to find a way to detect if you are on the parent or a child. The most commonly used method is a boolean LI you can call "low level" set to TRUE with none as summary type. You can then use this line item to control your formula:

    IF low level THEN "this is the child" ELSE "this is the PARENT"

    If you need a LOOKUP, you can have a specific line item with the value you want and reference it in the formula above.



  • I would do something like this, I believe the Final Filter line item at the end here is what you're looking for. What I did was use 'Ratio' to get the parent level of Week to have a '1' in it even if the Week was not selected. See below for the blueprint.




    NOTE the applies to on 'Technical' is blank.


    The Ratio on Level 1 is Technical / Technical. The Ratio on Level 2 is Level 1 / Technical.



    Hope this helps!