Import Action - Not Importing All Data




I want to upload a .csv file with 8,008 items with 7,999 unique values (codes in the file are unique for 7999 items).

After uploading the file into a numbered list, only 2,777 items are getting into the list and in the import summary, it shows 9 items are ignored which makes sense as these are repetitions. However, the rest are not getting loaded and the summary does not indicate this.


Can you please help us understand what could be causing such an issue.




  • Misbah



    Can you please share the snip of your import action error log.

  • prabhu

    @somain.gupta -


    I Tried importing a dummy file into                             1. Numbered List and Production List

                                                                                        2. Numbered List and Non Production List


    It Works well for me.


    1. Since it is a numbered List, can you check whether your mapping is right.


    Can you send the screen shot of import action and import summary.