Input for Actual and Formulas for Other Versions(e.g. Budget, Forecast1, Forecast2) for entire model



In a scenario where Actuals are input and formulaes are defined for other versions e.g. Budget, Forecast1, Forecast2) for the entire model, how can the SYS module be created for versions so that they can be referenced in Calculation or other modules?




  • Hi again @Star 

    To make sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish, let me rephrase your question:

    1. Your target module has data by version
    2. The Actuals data is inputted by the user while the data for the other versions are calculated? ( that's an unusual scenario since usually Actuals are already calculated in a transaction system while budget and forecast are user inputs!)
    3. You want to know how can you have a formula to calculate the forecast and budget data while still allow the user to input the actual versions data.

    If that's the case then all you have to do is in the blueprint scroll to the right until you find a column titled formula scope (or something like that) and select All but Actual.
    which basically tells Anaplan, apply the formula in this line items to all the versions except for the actual version, This way when the Actual version is selected the formula won't apply and the user can input the data.

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    Hello @einas.ibrahim
    The Actuals can be input or imported.....more likely to be imported. Yes, you are correct. it would have been calculated in a transaction system and budget and forecasts are user inputs.

    Yes, saw the formula scoping.  How is it then read in conjunction with Versions in the blueprint for a particular line item?




  • Hello @Star 
    Actually the column you should change is called Formula Scope, it's the 4th column after the Version column you provided in the screenshot. (after Summary and before Use Switchover)
    Select All Versions except Actual Since you want whatever formula you have in the line item to apply to Budget, Forecast, forcast2 ,... but not to Actual. Of course the column Version - you sent in the screenshot - should be set to All. This selection determines if you want to include Version as a dimension.
    Hope that helps.

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    Got it. Thanks 🙂