Level 2 - Sprint 2 YEARVALUE formula for Model Calendar and Time Ranges gave different results



In the following two examples, the difference is the Time Range applied - Model Calendar vs FY19-FY20




The results are as follows:

1) 1st Forecast Year? - Model Calendar - Tick-marked for Weeks for FY20

2) 1st Forecast Year? Test2 - FY19-FY20 - None tick-marked for all time periods.  Refer to purple box below.


I was expecting '1st Forecast Year? Test2' to be tick-marked for periods in FY20 .......similar to point (1).  What's the logic for none tick-marked for all time periods?






  • Hi @Star,


    Can you please send the screenshot of the "Time Ranges" (FY19-FY20).




  • In the first example, you reference the current period line time which has a summary on so there is a value at the year summary. It appears in the second example you have a current period test 2 line item which does not have a summary on and therefore no year value is available or returned in the formula. 

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    For year summary, are you referring to the column in the orange box below?



  • Correct. In the second screenshot, you are referencing a line item that does not have a summary on so it does not have a value to grab using the YEARVALUE() formula. I've included an example. I may have misunderstood the question though, if you're are looking to mark every period as true no matter what, you can just make the formula "TRUE".





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    Thank you 🙂