First period of the years - Boolean


For a line item (Boolean format), what function can be applied to tick-mark if it is the beginning period for each of the years?

E.g.  Week 1 - FY20               Jan 20 - FY20

        Week 1 - FY21               Jan 21 - FY21

        Week 1 - FY22               Jan 22 - FY 22

So, if it is 'Week 1' or 'Jan' for each of the years above, then it should be 'TRUE' and tick-marked




  • Hi @Star,


    Please try this formula --> ITEM(Time) = TIME.'Current Period'. 

                           Summary --> Any

    The Time Scale should be 'Week' for that Boolean formatted line item.




  • Hi @Star


    To determine the first MONTH of each year (timescale set to month), I would recommend using a boolean formatted line with a formula along the lines of MONTH(ITEM(Time)) = 1.


    To determine the first WEEK of each year (timescale set to week), it is a little tougher. I would translate the week into a year so the line item would say FY18 for every week until reaching FY19 and then say FY19 for the 52 weeks. Then, you could have another line item that says if Year line item > Previous(year line item) then TRUE (i.e. would work out to say IF FY19 > FY18 THEN TRUE).




  • 1.First you need to find the year in time scale


    2.Compare it with next time scale's year

       PREVIOUS(YEAR(ITEM(Time))) < YEAR(ITEM(Time))


    No matter what your time scale for the model is, it will gives you exact value.




  • @Star 

    The first period of the year is effectively a property of the year time dimension.

    Therefore, create a module only dimensioned by time dimension and formatted as year. 

    Create a line item for each time period you want to reference and ensure they are formatted for that time period; months, Qtrs etc

    Use the following formula

    = period(start())

    The formula above so default to the period at the start of each year in the calendar.

    In your target time settings module reference the above line items using the following.

    =YEARVALUE(YearTimeProperties.First Period) = ITEM(TIME)

    This will check the first period matching the dimension of the target module and the Year time properties.


    As Anaplan does not have a native week time scale that can be used as a time dimension you will need to map the first week into the year manually in your year time settings module. Then instead of referencing Time with an ITEM function you will reference the weeks list.


    Good luck,