How to keep current time scale data intact while moving to next Current period




Just for my understanding, What I need to do in Anaplan so that when I change my current period (Q1) to next quarter (timescale Q2), my current quarter (Q1) data didn't not get delete and automatically covert to hard coded figures.


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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @sharmagh 


    I agree with @mikejorg , you can control from Version Edit to & Edit From, Another approach to control is through DCA.

    If you have ALM, then I think DCA would be better and faster, you don't have to sync every time.

    1. Create one system control module by quarter and one line item



    2. Create another Module for DCA



    3 Apply DCA in your input module:




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  • Hi @sharmagh ,


    As long as you aren't looking to change the model calendar, you should be able to adjust the 'Edit From' and 'Edit To' fields in the versions part of model settings.


    It doesn't exactly hard code the periods outside of these fields, but it does prevent them from being edited.

  • @sharmagh Are you referring to the mechanism when you use on a version "Forecast the "switchover" flag? 


    I this case for "actual periods" the data are physically copied from "Actual" version on "Forecast" version and the previous "Forecast" values are lost. This mechanism cannot be changed. 


    What you can do is to create workarounds to preserve data of the "Forecast" version. 

    - copy data into another line-item that does not use "Use switchover" flag in modules before changing the current period 

    - create a custom mechanism to manage the "actual" and "forecast" months which does not use the "switchover"