New UX : Hide Categories from Non Workspace Admins if they have no access to any of its pages


Would it be possible to hide the categories listed of an app from non-workspace admins if they do not have any access to any of its corresponding pages?


If it is currently not present in the new UX, I think it would create a cleaner feel for the end-users when they are interacting with Anaplan through the new UX.







  • Misbah



    As of now there is no way it can be done but this is an idea that has already been submitted to the Anaplan Product team.

  • eang92

    Got it, thank you for your reply!

  • Has this has been updated???, this is a continuous issue amongst clients.

  • You can create multiple apps for different users. Create the master app, copy and remove redundant categories and pages. Apply access rights to each app based on user roles.