Short data for import


Hi Anaplanner,


I'm import data like this, but i want to sort data based on color before im import to another


after import the data will be like this



can anaplan provide like that?







  • @Panji,


    I would like to know few things before try and answer this,


    May I know the reason for sort and import?

    Based on what factor you are sorting there (categorized as color)?

    Are you ignoring the non-colored rows?


    It would be great if you can help us with this.






  • Panji

    Hi @sandeep_bk ,


    the reason is i want to make a journal, and the color just a note that data(color) will be import to create journal, and the sort will be order like a picture 2.






  • Hi @Panji,


    My question here is, based on what method of sorting(or logic) you arrived at picture 2?


    Is this import data file keeps changing or is it a static import you do once?


    If you need functionality like a sort and a filter to arrive at picture 2, we need to know the method behind your sorting and color-coding so that we can have some logic in Anaplan to do so.



    if you are simply selecting/marking a few rows in the file based on your assumption, then you will have to do the same in Anaplan to achieve so ( Select the required rows and save as view )


    Let us know if you need any further help




  • Hi @Panji,

    If you want Anaplan to color automatically then I agree with @sandeep_bk it would e helpful to know what's the logic for coloring.

    If you are asking if Anaplan can sort by color the answer is there is no native capability to do so however it's very easy to accomplish. If that's your goal let me know and I'll explain one way to do that.