Import into a List Formatted Line Item



I am trying to import value(top Hierarchy) from a list A formatted line item to another List A formatted line item.

But the import is getting failed. Is it possible to have this kind of reset action to make the selector to ALL(top Hierarchy) by default when nothing in the list is selected by the user.


Select L1  - List A Formatted Line Item

Reset L1   - List A formatted Line Item with  "ALL" as Top Hierarchy selected.


Now I want to Import ALL from Reset L1 Line Item into Select L1 Line Item which is blank for now.

When ever I try to import, it says, Item not located in List A.


Thanks in Advance.



  • Hi @CommunityMember131528,



    when you say import to list formatted line item(list A), only list item in that list(list A) would get imported, apart from that everything else would be ignored saying "item not located(in list A)". This is simply because that item is not there in your list (list A).


    "All " in your case is a top-level item (considered as a parent) and that is not the list item of the list you trying to import (Not a list item of list A)



    Hope this helps,







  • Thanks Sandeep. That Totally make sense.

    But then I have a requirement to put Top Hierarchy in each list formatted line item by default if the user does not select anything from the list.




    Just as shown in the picture, once the Reset Filter action is run, all the 4 selectors should show up to their Top Hierarchy. Is there any other way to achieve this. 

  • Hi @CommunityMember131528,


    I believe you need a reset button to filter the list formatted line item to the top-level and you would be using this line item to the filter module formula to work. 


    I would suggest, instead of the refresh button, publish a single boolean formatted line item as user input and drive your filter formula based on this.


    for example, if reset boolean is checked then True for all (top-level) else the selection from the list formatted line item.


    Let me know if you need more details,