Community Vlog #5: New York Area Pre Sales—Jen & Yelena


In this Community Vlog, Jen **** and Yelena Keselman—members of the New York area Pre-Sales team—discuss their roles within Anaplan, how they serve new and existing customers, how their team works with customers to create successful implementations, and so much more!

Get to know these amazing members of the Anaplan team and how their roles impact Anaplan customers, partners, and employees.

Through these short video interviews, you’ll get to know some of the people that work directly with our customers and behind the scenes on our platform.

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  • Thanks Jen and Yelena! You both are amazing.

    Go New York (and New Jersey!)

    Agree Jen, the Anaplan Community make things so enjoyable. Yelena nailed it with empowering the power users with an open ended platform! Any Power User will have no problem learning Anaplan. Great response to a common question.

    Let's showcase Anaplan to more retailers - they need us now more than ever! I personally volunteer my time to help the NY pre-sales team build anything for retail demos! Even if you just want SME thoughts.

  • jwu

    Good job Yelena and Jen!