Level 2 - Import from INV05



When an export was done from Supply Chain Model->INV05-> Saved View and the file was then imported to FP&A Model, it was successful --> no errors.

However , the import from FP&A->Connect to Anaplan Model -> Supply Chain Model -> INV05 -> Saved View, the following error was encountered (related to date)


This is very strange as all things are consistent for both methods except that one was through:

1)  Export a physical file and then import the exported file 

and the other was through:

2)  Connect to Anaplan Model.

What's the reason for this?  






  • Hi @Star,


    I think it has something to do with how you created your saved view. It says "expected abbreviated month name in date/period".


    Can you share the screenshot of saved view and mapping in import definition? I will be happy to help you more then.

  • Star



    Below the screenshots.  For Time, I tried 'Match Names' as well and it did not work as well.










  • Star
    Oh, I missed that...got confused between 'fixed line item' and 'line items'.
    It worked. You're a star 🙂

    Thank you.
  • Lkishko
    How did you single out your "Shipping Costs" line item from the "Code" line item? I am trying to follow a similar saved view, but I keep getting errors when importing into the FP&A model
  • Star
    You need to:
    1) Pivot the Line item to first column.
    2) Right click the Shipping Costs line item and select Hide.

    Cheers 🙂
  • @Lkishko @Star 


    Just a tip, do not use 'hide', use 'show' instead. If you do 'hide', then if new line item is added to the module, it will be added to your view. That's why to use 'show' instead on Shipping Costs, then you make sure your view will stay as it is.

  • Younes

    Hello @filip.sypniewski 

    Thnaks for sharing your knowledge. I am trying to upload data in OTH01 module of the FP&A model from INV05 in the supply chain model. Every thing looks perfect. I juste have a problem when matching the location. As you can see in the source module i have Mumbai as location while in the target module i have Bombay. Is it normal ? What module should i update ? The training says that i shoudn't have any item ignored. 



    Any help ? 



  • In case someone else has the same question in the future, Bombay is what Mumbai used to be called.  It's the same city.

  • ahrann

    You shouldn't map by name bur rather by code as what the instruction says. Mapping by code solves this issue.