Question on Sprint 2 Detailed Demand Review Dashboard


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UPDATE: 24 April 2019 - I had an error in one of my formulas (found out on Sprint 2 exam) that I corrected (retook test to ensure I had it fixed the issue).  I had thought that by fixing that formula it would resolve the below discrepancy but it didn't.


I have a question similar to this one posted in Anaplan Platform that didn't receive an answer

My forecast values in the dashboard don't match the example.  Up until this point my values have matched examples - I am concerned that maybe my application of the Growth Rate is incorrect.  Is it OK to have different forecast values?

Example screenshot from

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.32.43 AM.png

Screenshot of my Dashboard:

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.35.26 AM.png




  • Misbah



    Interesting! When I opened my Level 2 model I too have the same numbers that you display in your screenshots. Not sure if I missed anything, I can't recall.

  • Thanks @Misbah - I am going to assume that values don't have to be the same unless the training instructions explicitly state that a trainee's dashboard or grid should match the training screenshots.

  • Misbah

    @davidmccarty Ideally numbers should match but let's just ignore this part and focus on the concepts. 

  • Younes

    Hello @davidmccarty  @Misbah 

    Thanks for sharing your issue. I have an issue that i see resolved in your screenshots. In fact i can't display the grid like you. I have first initial demand for all months of the  year then final demand for all the months of the year as shown below : 


    Could you telle me how did you dio it

    Thanks a lot


  • Hi@Younes -

    I don't understand your question - your screen shot is of a grid view; mine was within a dashboard where the grid is filtered down to  a specific month and the columns have time nested within line items.


    Maybe that is what you are asking?


    I apologize but I have a consulting gig (not Anaplan related) that is taking up all of my time - I will check back in next week...sorry I can't be more help



  • Younes

    Hello @davidmccarty ,

    That's it. That's what explains my problem. 

    Thank you


  • @Younes- excellent!  Glad that I helped

  • Hi, could you please tell me how to create the Detailed Demand Review Dashboard in the Supply Chain Model? I am lost here. Thank you.
    BR, Cynthia
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    Mine was a similar Issue of different values, I rechecked it from here!

    Got my doubt cleared!

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