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I am wondering if there are any virtual courses for The Anaplan Way.  I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 Model Builder but would like to complete The Anaplan Way to achieve my Certified Model Builder status.  I am in Western Canada, if there were any virtual sessions of this offered it would be excellent.



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    This is supposed to be a classroom training but in these circumstances it would make sense to have virtual sessions. You can get in touch with your Anaplan Business Partner. He or she may be able to help you on this.

  • @charlotte.chiasson,


    You need to undergo The Anaplan Way (TAW) training in order to get the Certified model builder status.  Now they are conducting virtual sessions as well. The most up to date schedules are on the Community site.


    Also, drop a mail to Anaplan Academy <>. They will route you to the right person who is responsible for TAW training in your region.







  • @charlotte.chiasson 

    I agree with both @Misbah  and @sandeep_bk . 

    I just finished the L1 Train the Trainer virtually with Adam Bewley. I'm sure he's got a virtual class for TAW too.

    We had 6 people in our virtual class from all over the country and at first I was concerned that we wouldn't get the same interactions as if you were on premise. But it worked out great.

    One suggestion I had for the academy was to create breakout sessions - like you can in Zoom. This is really important for TAW because you need to do some small group sessions together.

    Adam is very reasonable with the breaks too. You won't be tied to your chair all day - actually, it ends up being about the same as if you were on premise.

    Highly recommend TAW. One of the best courses I've taken.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Charlotte, everyone else's responses are correct but we need to be careful with the path to Master Anaplanner. Currently the paths are different for Customers versus Partners. For you, the path is a bit different, per below, and does not include the Anaplan Way requirement. You can find details on the Anaplan Way in our online guide here:


    Hope this is helpful for you and everyone else! 



    Master Anaplanner Path - Customer.png

  • In case you missed it Anaplan Way is now available on demand. It's really good - am going through it with a couple of colleagues block at a time having the discussions.