how to identify text


 I have two line item,  remarks And rem, remarks  is Text from data uploaded and then I want to on line item "Rem" just identify "Commission" and "Rebooking and Refund", but the problem is the words in front of it always change, I can't hardcode with mid, or right. how to fix it? any solution. thanks before



  • Hi @Muh_Arief ,



    You can use FIND function to find the starting position of the string you want. And then use mid to extract the word. 



    I have REM line item which contains data,

    REMARKS line item has FIND("Commission", Rem) formula which returns starting position of Commission.

    Extract text line item has MID(Rem, Remarks, 10), I have specified the number of characters here as 10 because "commission" has 10.



    or you can do like this 






    Hope this helps you.




  • on the second pictures, can you show the formula for line item "Commission position start" and refund and reschedule position"? thank you
  • Commission position start = FIND("Commission", Rem)


    refund and reschedule position = FIND("Rebooking and Refund", Rem)



  • oh oke, i will to try this. Thank you Harsha

  • oke. many thanksss