Not able to load special character


I am not able to upload List with special characters in my Anaplan model correctly.

When I am uploading list with special characters, Anaplan is ignoring special characters and considering the other English language character. The line items are formatted as TEXT in list in Anaplan model.

Ex: For name "STARK JYVŠSKYLŠ" uploaded in .csv file - Anaplan is displaying "STARK JYVSKYL" in list.

Please help!!

Best Answer


  • Alternatively, save the file as TXT instead of CSV, this should keep special characters and load them correctly into Anaplan.


    Look into encoding as well as suggested by @ABerenguela 

  • Choose an encoding (UTF-8 is recommended) and ensure both whatever writes and reads the file uses it.

    Usually reading a file with the wrong encoding specified results in certain characters being replaced with garbage, rather than characters being dropped entirely - so definitely also check the writing side.

  • Thanks. It worked 🙂

  • Hi, 


    while loading the file, there is a dropdown of text encoding in the top left corner,


    try changing it to UTF-8/UTF-16, 


    it may work.