The Evolution of the CoE Lead Role


CoE Leads are driving transformation and acting as visionary leaders and are key to success. — By Josh Baker, CoE Leader @ PJT Partners (@josh.baker)

A recent study on a wide range of our customer CoEs has helped identify the shift in responsibilities for our most successful CoE Leads. Our strongest CoE Leads have evolved into transformational leaders who focus on a new set of priorities for the success of their CoE.

In addition to managing the CoE’s operations and standardizations, the CoE Lead establishes relationships with those who not yet use Anaplan to showcase the value that it can bring to the overall business.

CoE Leads are driving transformation and acting as visionary leaders by “resetting processes, reconnecting the business, establishing requirements, and orchestrating the execution”. They are exemplary of true connected people as they work cross-functionally to push things forward to drive Connected Planning.

The emergence and distinction of this new CoE Lead role is a global phenomenon and has happened across 9 different industries with Consumer Products and Financial Services leading charge. Though 42% of our proclaimed CoE leads are also Certified Master Anaplanners, technical expertise is not required to be effective in this role.

Are you on a CoE and looking to get more involved? This is your chance to step up and be the CoE Lead who can take your CoE to a whole new level.

If you already are a CoE lead, please submit your CoE Charter so we can look to better support you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the evolving role of the CoE Lead.  What are your thoughts on this recent finding? We would like to hear from you.