How to hide admin-like result of running a Process


Hi Experts, 


Please help hiding admin-like view of process running result.

Is there any setting for this?


Our client doesn't want to see each action succeeded or not.




<What my client wants to be>





  • Misbah

    I don’t think we can control it. Results of All the actions in the process will get displayed once they are run.


    You can raise a ticket with Anaplan support to see it they have any better response.

  • Hi @Tsuyoshi_Inoue 


    Process result summary is based on the workspace access so we can't control as of now the Process result summary when Admin has workspace access. Once you revoked the workspace access then only you will get expected result which you have shared in the second screenshot but for Admin, it doesn't make sense if you don't  provide him with the workspace access