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Is their any way a list automatically change its hierarchy or parent (Active to Inactive) if it meets a certain criteria?


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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @sharmagh 


    I agree with @einas.ibrahim , the design should be like what he mentioned above.


    Workaround for your problem;

    1. Create few line items in your module:



    2. Create an import action to update the parent of inactive employee:





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  • Hi @sharmagh 


    I don't think so list automatically changed its hierarchy or parent based on a certain condition. You can use conditional formatting to highlight that item once your condition meet.


    As of now, you will have to run an action to achieve this functionality based on your logic. Change of List parent or hierarchy is a structural change.



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  • what kind of action i can create to get this done
  • Hi @sharmagh ,

    There is a case where you can change the content of a list (List 2) based on the selection in another list (List 1).

    Say I have List 1 containing Countries and List 2 containing Cities. If the user selects U.S. in List 1, then only U.S. cities will appear in List 2, similarly, if the user selects Canada, only Canadian cities will be available in List 2.

    Does this sound like what you are trying to accomplish?
    If not, please provide more information and perhaps a simplified example.


  • Thanks for the reply however, my case is bit different it is like I have two List parents
    1. Active Employees and
    2. Inactive Employees
    under them they have list of respective employees name so, if any employee's leaving date is entered than particular employee's name should moved to Inactive Employee list from Active Employee list
  • Hi @sharmagh 


    May I ask why do you have 2 separate lists for employees (Active and Inactive)?
    If I understand your case correctly then you may

    1. Have 1 list of employees that includes both Active and Inactive employees
    2. Have a boolean indicating who is inactive (or active... either way)
    3. Create 2 views of the employees based on the boolean filter, i.e active employee and inactive employee
    4. When you enter a leave date for the employee the boolean value will be updated and hence the employee will disappear from the active list and appear on the inactive list.

    Let me know if that works, or if you have any questions.



  • Hi, 


    Based on boolean, you can set a line item to change the parent of the item, and then run an action to import updated parents




  • Hi @Kanishq17 


    Yes, you have to create one view based on inactive? filter.



  • Yes, based on the termination date entered , can be checked whether employee has to be active/inactive and view for import can be set

  • Hi @Kanishq17 


    I have attached the blueprint for your reference:



    hope this helps!



  • Hi,
    The active status of an employee is not a structure feature and therefore should not dictate the structure of the hierarchy.
    Instead, the active status is a property or attribute of the list item.
    Therefore, create a mapping in a properties module dimensioned by the employee list. Create a line item dimensioned as the active/inactive list. Alternatively, use a boolean format. And a date or time period formatted line item if you need to differentiate across time.
    You can use filtering and aggregation functions in downstream formulas to differentiate data across these attributes.
    This is a simpler approach, does not require an action and will keep sparsity to a minimum.
    Good luck,


  • Hi,
    I created my list in a way i ca use it in m Dashboard that is the reason i am keeping Active/Inactive employees as an List
  • Using the list on a dashboard would not necessitate using two lists!!!

    You can filter the view using dynamic filtering fed by the boolean in the property module. 

    The model is at risk of not be sustainable or auditable as the approach you are seeking to implement requires too many intermediate steps.

    But I see you have selected a solution so good luck.


  • @Chris Thank you so much! I got your point, i'll building my module like this.