Adding/Inserting a list member is disabled when a published list has no list member.

Hi, Anaplanners


If you publish a list to a dashboard, you are able to add/insert a list member (s) to the list on the dashboard. However, it appears that you are not allowed to add/insert any list member to a list if a list has no list member. Would I know what it boils down to ? If you have any solution for this issue other than setting a dummy to a published list.


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  • Hi @gregtan 


    There are two possible reason:

    1. Could you check the parent of that list, it seems that you don't have any item in that list.

    2. check your access, If selective access is enable then also will not able to insert any item in the list.



    Hope this help!



  • Hi, Akhtar


    Thanks for your reply:

    1. The list is a single hierarchy, does not have any parent.

    2. No selective access is applied.




  • Hi @gregtan 


    I think if I am not wrong then you are talking about the scenario like when you have created a list but having no item in that new list and you have published the list in the dashboard then Insert/Delete option is disable see below screenshot



    Now to add member to a list you should click on parent or code then Addition option will enable to add new member.This list published in DB






    If your scenario is different then please send me the screenshot and with some more detail


    Hope this help!