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Is there a way other than Copy and paste each word (text), to create 10 separate slides of a 10-word sentence on PPT using a command or Plugin? (Task - 700 to an 800-word essay has to be separated into slides. One word per slide.)



  • Misbah



    Can you @MagaliP here. 

  • Hi,


    I am not sure I fully understand.

    Are you using the text component from the PowerPoint add-in? If so, you can copy/paste text components, or duplicate slides and the connection to the Anaplan saved view remains.


    If you are talking about PowerPoint in general, maybe a VBA macro could do this? I searched quickly and found those articles which may be useful:

    1. Split up content between different slides
    2. Split body text between two slides

    Does this help?

  • Tmab

    Hi , @Magali_Pelissier @Misbah


    Appreciate your kind response.


    Im suppose to turn a 700 word essay into 700 separate slide. Im looking for a way to do it without having to copy paste each word to a separate slide, although Iv'e made a master which takes care of the formatting of the text, but the cooy pasting is still quite tedious.


    If you could help with it 🙂


    Thanks again for being there !

  • @Tmab 

    In addition to @MagaliP and @Misbah  ideas, you can also try creating a PowerPoint VBA script that will generate the slides.

    I do this all the time with the Anaplan Way App by turning all the user stories into a separate PowerPoint slide. 

    You can apply the same logic to your essay.

    Also, if you can share the use-case of why you need a separate slide for each word in the essay maybe I can help.


    Here's a sanitized example of the PPTX  I used to extract data from Excel and generate PowerPoint slides.

    It's built using a single slide template and all the data is read in and populated on the slide. Slides generate at about 3 per second.

    I'm planning to collaborate with @MagaliP to create a best practice around this so I can publish the actual VBA code.





  • Certainly! In PowerPoint, you can use the "Outline View" to separate your essay into individual slides quickly. Just go to the "View" tab, select "Outline View," and paste your essay. It will automatically create one word per slide. No need to copy and paste each word manually. And guys. I am just trying to be useful. Maybe you think I'm useless, but that's not spam