How to create a script of your model

Hi Team,


Can someone help me to understand, how we can create a script of module which we prepared from our internal Anaplan environment, so that we can use it in any other Anaplan environment?


for example: I am using two different environment for Anaplan, one is normal environment & other is partners environment, know i want to copy my module which i have created in normal environment to partners environment.


Please suggest!!!



@Shweta[email protected] 


  • Hi, you can export the blue print of a module and then re-import it into another model
  • Hi Nathan,


    Thanks for your email, but I am not asking for the script between Anaplan models!


    I am trying to connect with the other ERP tool.


    Hope this make sense  




  • @Shweta 


    If your question is about the integration between Anaplan and other external System ERP Systems, there are many ways you can do this


    1. Anaplan Connect - This is free and comes with Anaplan License. Once Downloaded and installed you can write scripts to integrate

    2. Hyperconnect

    3. Informatica Connect

    4. ETL tools like Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, Snaplogic etc

    5. REST API


    For more information please visit Anapedia and search for Data Integration

  • I don't understand. you said you want to "connect two Anaplan environement, copy a module from one to another".

    But you want to do this automatically via an ERP ?
  • Hi Misbah,


    Thank you for the reply!


    I am trying to read all the below suggested, but not able to connect 

    I think they are very difficult to understand.




  • Hi Nathan,


    Sorry if I said this, but yes I am trying to this automatically via an ERP.




  • @Shweta 


    Yes & No. I find only REST API complicated and  Now the question is - Is your company already using any other tool from option 1?  if the answer is no then you only have One and easiest option - Anaplan Connect. 


    Download the Anaplan Connect from Anapedia and install it. They have dummy scripts written for imports, exports and processes.

    Change the Workspace ID, model ID and the action names within the dummy scripts

    Place your scripts within Anaplan Connect folder 

    Once set run the action.


    Anaplan Connect is not at all that complicated to  work with


  • why via an ERP ?
    to automate this, the easiest would be anaplan connect, which you can run on almost any server.
  • Hi Misban,


    Yes my organization is using a different tool (HRMS tool) & they want instead of exporting data from their & upload it again in Anaplan every time, they want me to automate it directly from their, so that we don't have to do duplicate work.


    Hope this makes sense!



  • and do you know of ALM ?
    I can't be automated but usually it is what we use to manage several anaplan environements
  • Yes, I know about ALM, but I have not yet used it..


    I will check it again & try to use