Help in tracing an error message when removing parent hierarchy from a list


Due to a change in functionality, I have to de-connect one list (Sub-Regions L5) from its current parent list (Org L4 - Region).

I have gone through every module that has this list in its "applied to" and removed any references to its current parent list.

When I try to remove the current parent list I get an error message - "Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source."

I understand what this error means, but I can't for the life of me find the line item that is causing the problem. Usually Anaplan provides the module/line item, but this time is does not. I have checked the properties for all lists and none of them reference this list in question.


Does anyone have any hints on how to isolate the cause of this error? I am out of ideas.





  • @Alenart 

    You guessed it - it's definitely a formula. In addition to being a master you have to be a detective too! 😁

    Here are some ideas:

    • Did you try looking at list properties - sometimes there are formulas there.
    • Also, you can refer to a list without using the "applies to" - so you might also look for functions that refer to a list, e.g, "ITEM".
    • Are you using Line item subsets?
    • Are you using any ratios in your summary formats?
    • Lastly, check selective access and any Booleans used for DCA. Sometimes this will block you too.

    The good news is that Anaplan forces referential integrity. The bad news is that it's not always that easy to find out the dependencies.

    Send some screenshots if you can - I know it may be proprietary but without seeing the 

  • Another idea:

    in Settings > Module > Line Items

    you can donwload to excel and search in the "Formula" column if you are referencing that list.

    Also, you said "I have gone through every module that has this list in its "applied to" and removed any references to its current parent list". It's possible to have a line item that has this list in its "applies to" even if the module doesn't (subsidiary view). This excel export can also help yiu with that.

    Hopefully you can find the reference quickly. Keep us posted!

  • I have tried that approach. I have downloaded the module details and traced every line item that either references the list in question (Sub-Region L5) or uses LOOKUP.

    I still haven't found the culprit.



  • The problem has been solved. I wish that I could provide a clean synopsis that would help people solve similar issues in the future, but alas I cannot. 

    The issue boiled down to me over-engineering the model, factoring in scenarios (multiple regions) that are not needed now and probably will not be needed in the future. Once I simplified the formulas I was able to isolate one, that when changed, allowed me to de-couple the two lists.


    Thanks to those who provided input.



  • HI,

    Can you say how did you solved the same actually i am facing the same issue so

  •  Sorry for not replying earlier. I have been too busy to really login to the Community lately

    Hopefully you have already figured out this issue. I cannot recall exactly how I fixed the issue, other than what was included in the previous messages.