How To Capture Current Time?

I want capture current time in Anaplan. please suggest which function should i use?


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  • JaredDolich
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    Great question, one that is asked by a lot of people.

    Anaplan does not have a built in function to give you the current date or time.

    However, the engineering team is working on this.


    In the meantime, you can import the system date/time into a module. Most people will just put that on a scheduler and load it everyday.


    The reason there isn't a current date/time function is that Anaplan would have to recalculate the entire model every time the time changed. 



  • Misbah
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    You either store it in Anaplan manually and admins change the date on a daily basis or

    You can pull the current date into Anaplan and schedule the job. This option is used quite frequently but it needs certain integration efforts. Few things you need to achieve this

    1. First you need an import action which will pull the current date from your preferred external folder into Anaplan module

    2. Need Anaplan Connect and batch scripts

    3. Need Scheduler that will schedule the job


  • Thanks @JaredDolich 

    But would you please help me out that how can i import system date and time in Anaplan.

  • Thnaks @Misbah 

    out of your three suggested steps i am not able to perform first step. Bcs in csv or text formated sheet i am not able to capture system date and time. can you please help me out.


    I would go with @Misbah first suggestion for now and manually enter it while you work on the automation script.

    @Misbah do you know if it's possible to capture the system date and time from an anaplan connect script? I've never tried it.

    I always use an ETL tool like Informatica or Python.



    Not sure what you mean by that. You input you current date in .csv file and import it. Can you please elaborate more - will try and help

  • @JaredDolich 


    Just the normal integration. Get the current date from any source system wherever it is available and load it with the help of Anaplan Connect like a normal import process gets imported.

  • @Misbah 

    Actually i want to create clock functionality in Anaplan, for that i want to display my system's date and time in anaplan.

    By import action i am able to capture it once, but i want that it will update every time when i **** the action.



    You have to get it changed dynamically in the source. Anaplan doesn't have the functionality to look for your system's date and treat it as current date. So whatever the source that feeds the current date has to change

  • depends on the system but usually yes.

    bash can get system date and create a csv with it