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I am starting to build knowledge on Anaplan solution. How do i get real-time experience to build a career?

Can someone suggest



  • Hello @balafbi 

    Can you maybe be more explicit on what you mean by "real-time experience to build a career"?

  • I do not have an opportunity to demonstrate my anaplan skills... I am currently going through on-demand videos to build modeling skills. How will an employer treat this? 

  • Misbah



    For most of the employers candidates with modelling skills supplemented with at least one year of experience should be enough. Unless and until you practice what you learn in videos might not be enough.


    So I would recommend you to ask your employer to get yourself an access to Anaplan workspace. 

  • Hi, 

    Thanks. I work for a Partner organization. My organization does not have Anaplan. 

    Do you have suggestions for this scenario?



  • you have to become an Anaplan Partner. You'll get your own workspace to train and when you get your first project, you'll usually do it under the guidance of an Anaplan SA (I often do that)
  • My org is a registered partner. I am trying to track down alliance manager who could possibly help me.


  • @balafbi   It doesn't look like your community account has the partner designation.  You may want to reach out to about having that setup.  I believe there is some Community content available specifically for partners, not being a partner myself I can't confirm or deny.  Perhaps @Misbah can confirm (you will note the Partner designation on his posts). 


  • Thank you. I have followed instructions in the thread and emailed community team. Hope they can help me..