Level 2 Model Building Course Sprint 3 Exam


Hi all, 


I've been enjoying the model building training thus far, but I've run into a problem on the Level 2 Model Building Sprint 3 Exam. 


The question is asking for the formula for the Beginning Inventory line item. I've followed the instructions for creating the formula exactly and my Beginning Inventory values match the values in the examples. I have also triple checked the names of the modules/line items referenced in the formula.


Without posting the formula here or giving away anything further than what the instructions describe here is how I created my formula.


If the SYS01 Time Setting By Week "Not 1st Week of Timescale?" box is checked the formula will give the previous periods Ending Inventory, otherwise, the value will be the beginning inventory from the DAT01 "Beginning Inventory" line item. The only thing I can think of that would cause me to fail this question is that I used a LOOKUP that references the distribution center in SYS08 SKU Details. The formula gives me the correct answer but I'm not sure if the exam question is looking for another method?


I have noticed some discrepancies between some of the instructions. For example, the "Not 1st Week of Timescale?" line item is referenced as having a capital W in the final module name check but is lowercase in one of the earlier instructions. I'm not sure if this would cause the formula to be incorrect, but I matched the names of my modules/line items to the "Check Your Module & Line Items" section at the end of Sprint 3.


Thanks for your help!


  • Misbah



    I think your formula looks perfectly alright. Has to do with the naming conventions. Make sure you get the names of all your modules and line items right

  • @Misbah Thank you for the response. 


    Is there someone I can send my formula to? I think there is a discrepancy between the answer the exam is looking for and the naming convention in the "Check Your Module & Line Items" section. I'm 100% certain that my modules/line items match the "Check Your Module & Line Items" section exactly, but I just got the question wrong again. I created the formula as described above and I get the correct values. As I said before, I noticed some naming discrepancies between the earlier instructions and the "Check Your Module & Line Items" section. 

  • @cbrookes- I am in the middle of Sprint 3 so I may either need to do some more work on module INV01 or I could have missed a step...but why are you doing a LOOKUP?



  • @davidmccarty I think this is my problem. Thank you for pointing that out.


    Initially, I was getting a Zero value when I didn't use the LOOKUP which didn't make sense to me. However, now it is working, so I must have been doing something wrong. I knew each SKU was associated with only one Distribution Center, so I thought I'd try a LOOKUP and it seemed to work.   

  • @cbrookes- excellent!  So glad that helped / worked.

    Good luck with the exam!

  • Hello,

    Can I get some help on Beginning Inventory line item for Sprint 3? Here is the formula I used but not working.


    IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'Not 1st week of Timescale?' THEN PREVIOUS (Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory . [LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product Family]



  • @Sangya- I don't mean to be the policy police but we are not supposed to post questions or get help on exams.


    With that said, why are you using LOOKUP?  Think about how Anaplan can implicitly summarize and access data with common dimensionality.   Your formula is very close...

  • Hi,


    I wasn't aware of the policy that we are not supposed to post any questions related to the exam and I was stuck on that activity(didn't know that is part of the exam). Thank you for the input but that made me wonder if we want to grow the community as Anaplanners, we should be able to get our doubts clarified like other certifications(I am referring to the paid ones) and in Python languages too it is pretty open ended.

  • Hi @Sangya - apologies if it sounded like I was coming down on you - I should have read your question more carefully versus just using the subject (which has the word "exam" in it) to assume you were talking about the exam.


    I agree with you that it would be great if there was a forum to get questions answered about the exam.  I realize it is a bit of a slippery slope and you don't want to give away answers, but would be nice to be able to brainstorm a bit on some of the more challenging aspects.  For example, in the Level 2 MB exam, there is a question that I can't answer correctly...I have looked at all of the documentation and even tested different scenarios in my model to no avail.  In the end I passed the exam because I only missed that one but there doesn't seem to be an avenue to get closure on it.


    At any rate, good luck with your training / certification.

  • I am having a similar issue as the ones referenced above.  The formula I'm currently using produces the correct output, however I assume it is not laid out per anaplans best practices.


    The logic is basically IF NOT "Not 1st week timescale" THEN PREVIOUS (Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DATA01BeginningInventory.BeginningInventory.


    (I'm no longer using the LOOKUP function after BeginningInventory.)


    Based on the logic above would someone mind pointing me in the right direction?




  • Hi @bleeds ,

    I think you need to recheck the logic of the first week of timescale. 




  • Not to derail / flood, but as someone who has been weaving in and out of Python discords etc to further my learning, I echo the sentiment about community growth in Anaplan (versus other groups). Would love to chime in if anyone has a link to a dedicated thread on the topic of said rules.