User List as Dimension


I have a selection module where a user selects the version & time period to display. The selected values are saved in the module.

I have another module that displays the output value based on the values selected in the first module.


For the first module, is it possible to add the Users dimension & store different selection values for each user?

This would allow the second module to display different values for each user (depending on the selection in the first module).




  • jnoone

    Hi, yes by adding the user dimension to your first module (the selection module), and also including the user dimension in your second module (the output module), it will allow the selections to be dynamic by user, so sounds like you were on the right track. 


    You may also want to, assuming there are multiple line items in your output module, only keep the user list in the applies to for the line items relevant to calculation, so the "values" line item in this case but if you have other property driver ones, that don't need to be dynamic by user, you can remove the applies to for those ones.  

  • I was able to create a selection (or filter) module with a line item for each dimension to be selected and it has Users as a dimension.

    I then was able to go into the output module and apply a filter using the filter module (using the Current User).


    The only issue that I am experiencing is that the native Anaplan version is one of the dimensions that I want to be able to filter on in the output module. However, on the filter module, Versions cannot be set as a format. What is the best way around this issue?


    I am thinking of a duplicate of the output module with the only difference being that there is a dummy version list to allow for a selection.


    Please let me know your thoughts.


    Thank you.