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Can someone please tell me where can i see Anaplan Cloud in Anaplan platform ?





  • Misbah



    What do you mean by that? There are a couple of data centers that I am aware of. I am not sure if you mean to say where does Anaplan store all the data.



  • @Shweta 

    Great question, and I had the same thought as @Misbah.

    The entire Anaplan ecosystem is in the cloud. 

    In addition to @Misbah's question you might also check out the new home page.

    Sometime soon, this will become the default landing page for Anaplan, or in your case, Anaplan in the cloud!


    But, sometimes Anaplan will surprise us and develop something entirely new and unexpected.

    So, if you're referring to something you read about, put the link in this conversation and we'll check it out!