Adding Lines plus retreiving data


Hi Anaplanners,


i am trying to build a module wherein the data can be retrieved from another table as well as Users get an option to add lines manually into the same module.

Dimensions of both the sources are different to each other.


i can share examples but i would like to get the idea first.



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  • Misbah
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    First ask is quite easy in Anaplan. Please share your example in detail will try and help


    1. In order to retrieve the data need to see the dimensionality between the source module and the target module.If these are different what connects these two modules? Or do you want to get the aggregated values from the source into target module?

    2. Users will Not be able to add Line items instead they can add list items. Not sure why do we want users to add line items.


  • Thank you Misbah.
    i found a work around is inline with your first option but not exact.