See if line item or saved view is used in graph NUX




Is there a possibility to see if some line items or saved views are used in a certain dashboard (new UX)?

I would like to do some clean-ups in my model, but I want to be sure that I do not mess up the dashboards. 


Thank you for your help.




  • @Catheline,


    You can go to module settings and scroll to the right, you will be seeing a column with "used in dashboard" that helps you to identify which module has been used in the dashboard. 


    You can't do the same for line items or saved views. 


    Also, you can make use of the reference section if you are cleaning up the module.







  • jnoone

    Hey Catheline - There's not currently a way to see which line items/saved views are used in new UX dashboards.  There is a post related to this in the idea exchange that you can upvote:



    I agree with you though, this would be very helpful functionality for cleanup/model maintenance.