Data Import




I need a clarity on data import through integration.

For the first time load the load was set and configured in the Integration process, but what if next time the data load comes in with a different delimiter or separators. Will the Integration load auto detects the load and adjust the import or will it give a error.




  • @ShivankurSharma,


    Once you save the import definition, Anaplan expects the file in the same format (delimiter or separator or column header or column number)

    if it is a different format (delimiter or separator) it won't get loaded.







  • @sandeep_bk  thanks Sandeep. If during the initial creation of the action if we select all the separators and save the process even if the file is not using all the separators in the load. That will be saved in history, and even if next load is with different separator it will get loaded since that was already selected during the creation, correct? 

  • @ShivankurSharma,


    Yes, you are right. In fact, I have tried that too.  It works when you select all the separators irrespective of your file.


    But still, you don't have the control over column header. Make sure your file header remains the same including the position of the header.






  • Yes, correct headers should remain intact. Even I can add separator in others after discussing with client if he foresee any separator that can be a part.


    Thanks for checking.