Adding numbered list actions in Anaplan new UX


I am not able to add numbered list actions such as create , copy and delete in the new UX. Can anyone help me on how to add the said actions in the new UX ?





  • @rpmuthuswamy 


    It is not available in Board Page. You have to create these actions in Worksheet Page post which you can Use that in Board Page


    Hope that helps


  • Hi Misbah,

    I was able to perform create action based  on creating a form. But the other actions such as copy, delete and assign was not possible.




  • Hey @ChrisMullen Can you please help here. Looks like @rpmuthuswamy  is not able to Publish Assign,Copy Branch and Delete Branch Functions in NUX.

  • @sprender , Thanks for the information. Will follow it up.




  • @sprender Using Form in NUX does help on Numbered List. However if the Form uses a module which has "dependent list", the form breaks the dependent list mapping.


  • @ashish.banka dependent lists are not supported in Forms as no data is submitted to the model until the submit button is pressed. The initial drop down needs to be submitted to the model so the rules can be applied to drive the contents of the dependant drop down. This is why they are not supported in Forms. The solution is the same as in classic where you can use the Form to create the new item then you can add the additional contents using dependent drop downs either via a grid or a Field Card.

  • @sprender Hi There, just curious, could you give any insight on the roadmap update regarding this subject?