Activity: Import from Data Hub to Supply Chain model




Below is the prompt from Level 2 Model building. My question is the following:

1. How does one import a saved view Data Hub Model into the P3 SKU list? What am I missing? What am I mapping to the Code, Parent, and P3 SKU?

a. The import video & materials don't seem to go over importing modules into lists

Please advise


  • Hi @DominickG,


    I tried to write and explanation, but I think these videos will help you better to understand it easily:



    For more information, please refer to the micro lessons and filter for 'Imports'


    Let me know if you have any questions!


  • Hi @DominickG ,

    You certainly can import from a CSV file to list, list to list, a module to list, and saved view to list.
    Think about it this way....
    When you import from a CSV file into a list you basically have 3 columns of data:

    1. A column containing the items that will make the list
    2. A column for the parent of these list items (if applicable)
    3. A column for the unique code assigned to each of the list items. (if applicable)

    When you import from a saved view you have the data you need for the list in the same format...

    1. A line item containing the items that will make up the list
    2. A line item for the Parent
    3. A line item for the code


    Now, I don't remember the activity in Model builder 2 but it seems you are confused as to what to select in the list import dialogue for parent and code.

    I'd rather you send a screenshot of the module/saved view you are to use for the import so I can give you an accurate answer, however, generally speaking, you don't have to import anything in "Parent". I believe the lists were flat, meaning there is no parent. If you have a top-level specified for the P3 SKU list - for example, All SKUs- then that will be the value displayed in the grid view of the list after you import it, if not then it will be blank and that's OK


    If you don't have a separate code for list items then you can use the same list items in names for the code.


    This is not limited to importing into a list from a saved view, the behavior/ solution would be the same if you were importing from a CSV file 


    Hope this helps.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim,


    i am having a similar issue here and i have been on it for two days.

    When i try to import into P3 SKU List (Supply Chain Model) from the Saved view in my Data Hub Model i do not have any options to select from as the list is empty.




    I have mapped the Data Hub Model to the Supply Chain Model. Here is my Source Model display.



     Please how can i get round this issue.


    Thank you.

  • Hello @kunle 

    Help me understand, please...

    You want to import data into the P3 SKU List from a saved you in the data hub, however, I see in the screenshot that the source module you selected is the spoke model not the Data Hub model. You have to select the correct source model.
    Let me know if you still have issues

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 

    this has now been sorted.

    Thank you.