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In defining SYS09 for Version details, Budget? = NOT(Actual? OR Forecast?)




If there is an additional version called Budget2 as below, and Budget? is to be tick-marked under Budget (orange box), 

the formulas NOT(Actual? OR Forecast? OR Budget2?) does not seem work.  Is there any other function that can be applied?  




  • Hi @Star,


    why not using just 3 lines





    your Budget2 version is still budget version. Then you can easily filter to see all your budget versions.




    let me know if it helps?

  • Star

    Because there are two versions of Budgets i.e. Budget 1 and Budget 2 or even more.

  • @Star 


    Understood, that is of course normal situation, to include few budget rounds. However, this is still budget version, right? If you check the screenshot from my previous message, you can see that you can have multiple budget versions and they will be still true for Budget? line item for filtering.

  • Star
    Thanks for your reply.  
    I had a look at your screenshot again and got what you meant.
    Perhaps I did not specify in more detail of what I was trying to get at. What I am looking at is whereby there are more than 3 Versions lines....e.g. Actual, Budget, ForecastQ1, ForecastQ2
    In the workshop, the example given was 3 Versions, hence, Budget? = NOT(Actual? OR Forecast?) was used.
    In a situation whereby there are more than 3 Versions, how can NOT be used or is there any other substitute function that can be used?
  • ddb

    I am stuck at different situation. 

    i am getting only two cols.



  • Hi, 

    Budget should be neither actuals nor forecast right according to the given business situation 


    so basically we have to write formula to Budget Line item  using NOT FUNCTION 

    try using NOT function 


    NOTE: Budget2 line item is not really necessary for this  module