Advice regarding dynamic variance dashboard


I am looking to create a dashboard where the user selects the Version/Month for the first column and then selects the comparison Version/Month for the second column (using a selection module). The dashboard would then show the selected version/months in the first 2 columns and then show the variance in the third column.


I do have to worry about user concurrency issues so there no 2 users clash.


There is a source module with results dimensioned by version/month.

I am thinking of creating the output module using a formula with SELECT/LOOKUP function to bring the appropriate figures from the source module into the first 2 columns.

However, because I need to ensure that multiple users are able to manipulate the report at same time, I would have to add the Users dimension to the output module & this would **** up the model size & I need a different way of doing this.


Any there any alternative solutions to this issue?

I was thinking of filtering in the source module (based on the selection module), but then how would the variance be calculated in the output module.


Please advise on any thoughts.

Thank you.