Import Action Into List from Saved View is not importing all values (no failures/ignores/duplicates)




I've setup an import action from a saved view to a list in a different model & workspace. It imports without any failures or ignores, but it does not import all of the items. Why is it not importing all items & how do I change the view and/or import action to fix it?


Source (Data Anonymized):

  • 3 dimensions pivoted to rows
  • Time & Version as page selectors
  • Actual version is hidden
  • Reporting Key & 01 Gross fields are not dimensionalized by version
  • 2 filters
  • 1st filter on time to only show forecast periods
  • 2nd filter on 3 row dimensions to only show rows that have non-zero dataCapture.PNG




Destination: The Reporting Key is first imported into the name of a non-numbered list. Then the data is imported into a module only dimensionalized by that Reporting Key as seen below.

Capture.PNGHere is the problem: Only 3 of the 9 entries imported into the List & then into the Module. How do I fix it so that all 9 entries import?


The import actions do not error. There are no ignored entries, no duplicate entries, and no failed entries.


I've tried the below solutions without success. 

  • User Access: I tried checking my user access since it looks like only Season B imported. I have access to all seasons & products. Also, in other months, Season A does import.
  • List Character Limit: I manually added the 6 keys that were not imported successfully. Therefore I do not believe it is a list character limit issue.
  • Dimensionality issue: The reporting key is not dimensionalized by version. I tried dimensionalized it by version, but it did not change anything.
  • Pivoting error: I know that often import issues arise when all dimensions are not pivoted to rows. However there is a limit of 3 dimensions on the rows (silly rule). Additionally, I do not believe it is a pivoting issue because the time period import fine (as a page selector) but of the rows shown, some do not import.

Thank you for your help! It seems like the saved view filters to show 9 items, but then it filters to show only 3 items when the import action runs... but why? I appreciate any and all help!





  • Hi @jonathan.edwards 


    Can you specify if all 9 keys are imported to the list but the module only displays 3 keys OR only 3 keys are imported to the list??



  • Hi Jonathan,


    It's an answer from the gut, but a mistake most people make when importing from saved view is related to filters.


    If you have a filter on it it will only import the values filtered for that selection of page selectors. For every combination of page selectors. That's a bit abstract. But try this:


    Page Selector:

    Country: US

    (Other values: Canada)



    BU1            1000

    BU2                  0



    If you add a filter here to remove blanks only BU1 will remain. So if there is a value in BU2 for Canada this won't be imported.


    It's not necessarily a solution, but it's the most obvious solution based on the information provided.


    Actions to take:

    - remove filters


    - adjust filters to check for all values of the selectors


    And reach out in case it's still not working!


    All the best,

  • otalpur

    Similar to what Maarten said, I would open up the saved view and check the filter on the saved view.

    You mentioned that the saved view filter shows 9 rows. Is this action part of a larger process? Is it possible that the filter has logic which is dependent on earlier logic which is adjusting which is being shown?


    If it is not a filtering issue, it could possibly still be a issue with versions? Are all versions populated equally in your source model? 

  • I quickly checked and created an improvement idea for this. Honestly, it should have been there years ago..


    Please support the idea to get it on the roadmap.