Question on ROUND function as part of DEM03 Demand Forecast


Update: after reviewing with @SatyamArora, he helped me understand that this is the correct way for rounding to work, especially with regard to inventory - would want to round to an integer item at the lowest level and then sum those values. I just wasn't thinking about it correctly.


Some of my values in dashboards have not matched the screen shots in the L2 Sprint 3 training.  In looking into these differences I noticed what I think is odd behavior for the ROUND function.  I would expect that when rounding a value for a parent, the rounding would take place after all of the values are summed versus on each of the children values.

Notice in this example for a given product and the parent of the account dimension that 2024 is rounded up to 2048, which didn't make sense to me until I looked at the details to see that 2048 is the sum of the rounded children values.

Is this the correct behavior for ROUND?

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.11.41 PM.png


  • Misbah



    ROUND function has additional parameter MODE which you can furnish here to get the exact details.


    Your formula should be


    ROUND('Default Forecast - DEM Test',0,UP,EXACT


    and if you do not provide the Mode parameter your results may vary depending upon the Rounding of your leaf level items.


    Hope that helps


  • Thanks @Misbah - I had misunderstood the usage of the EXACTparameter.

  • smaddi
    @Misbah: Instead of using the exact, if I were to go to the line item properties and make the format to decimal with 0 decials, will it not give the same result? I wanted to know more about the EXACT parameter
  • Misbah



    If it is just an input you can do that, but if you are using ROUND you may want to use EXACT Parameter because there were many anomalies with ROUND function in the past