Level 1 Training - Feedback on Course/Exam


A new model builder at our company recently noted that there were some questions that were very confusing. She said questions 5 and 6 were confusing with edits to module calculations. 


I think there was also a bit of confusion on her part in the sections on creating saved views. In some cases the saved view instructions didn't specify all the dimensions of the module so it was unclear what to do with them. 


  • Hi @bdeaton ,

    If I understand your second point correctly, you and/or the new model builder were confused because when asked to create a saved view,  the dimensions were not specified? unlike for example the instruction to build a new model where it clearly mentions the dimensions to include?


    If that's the case then let me say that saved view dimensions are the same as its module. You can't add/remove dimensions in a  saved view.
    Saved views are used to basically change the way the data in the module is displayed by doing one or more of the following:

    1. Pivoting the dimensions.
    2. Hiding/ showing columns/rows
    3. Selecting the level of the hierarchy you want to display
    4. Filter the data 
    5. Add conditional formating.

    The dimensions and the calculations remain the same for the module and all its saved views.
    I hope that helped but if not feel free to ask me for clarifications.



  • bdeaton

    I'm aware that dimensions can't be added/removed from a saved view. As I recall it, the instructions had something like the following specified:


    Pages: N/A

    Rows: N/A

    Columns: N/A

    Filter: XYZ Filter


    But the module has dimensions. If the module has dimensions, it is impossible for pages, rows, and columns to all be empty of dimensions. That was the confusing part. I instructed the user of how saved views work and to just move on. But it would be preferable to clean up areas of confusion in the training courses.