Removing Parent Formulas


I am trying to move towards removing the parent formulas that are repeated throughout my model by consolidating the hierarchies into system modules so that parent formulas only needs to be calculated once instead of multiple times. 


My problem is that the system modules are built from the lowest level but sometimes the target module isn't as it is built a few levels higher. Any suggestions on how I could fix this issue without having to create a new systems module.






  • jnoone

    Hey - have you tried, assuming you are looking to centralize the calcs for this, changing the applies to for some of the line items in the system module.  For example, you may not be able to (assuming the list is named cost center L1) grab the member parent(Parent(parent(cost center L1))) if you have a module built off of say L2 or L3.  However if you create a line item in the module with L2 in the applies to and do the formula parent(item(L2)) then you should be able to directly reference that line item to pull in the L3 parent as an example in the target module.